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Mission Statement

The EASY Baby Child Development Program
The Early Advantage to Support
Your Baby’s Development Program

The EASY Baby Development program was created with YOU in mind.

It is a program designed especially for parents; mothers and fathers, and also for caretakers; those of us who love babies, who are responsible for them and desire all babies to develop to their best and whole potential.

It is for every parent and baby.  We recognize that all babies are wonderful and unique, deserve the best care and have individual strengths. Every parent deserves to receive the information that will assist their child’s well being and help them exercise each and every developmental building block that is required for that child’s success.

Our approach is thoughtful and sensitive, focusing on the belief that easiness is not a rare temperament that only some people are lucky to have, but that every person, every baby has within themselves a wide variety of abilities, including the easefulness that prevents discomfort and nourishes growth. 

We utilize the latest research in child development as well as good old common sense, and the knowledge that the intuitive ability of the parent is the greatest guide that a child can have.

EASY Baby is a prevention program.  One that acknowledges that there is a growing trend of children with developmental, learning, and behavior concerns and that these problems may be preventable through early detection, remediation and a comprehensive child development program.

Our method understands that though supporting the parent/caretaker the child will thrive and that a wise and easeful parent will lead to a happy and flourishing baby.

We are a comprehensive development program that awards you the advantage of learning new skills and ideas, and the benefit of sharing these with your baby, while honoring the fundamental harmony between you and your child.