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"Janessa taught me a simple technique which worked immediately to relieve gas pains which were torturing my two- month old son. Neither burping him nor remedies prescribed by his pediatrician had worked – I was amazed  that I could  so easily relieve his discomfort with my own hands! At Janessa's Easy Baby program, I also have learned many other techniques and exercises to aide my baby's development. This program is a 'must-have' for the first year of life."

"I entered the Easy baby class with my 2 month-old daughter and immediately loved being apart of a small group of new moms and their babies to exchange ideas and feelings with. Janessa was extremely knowledgeable about a newborn's physical and cognitive development and created a great environment for the moms to learn and bond with their babies. In Easy baby I learned how to help ease my daughter's gas pains, help her gain the strength she needs to crawl and how to give her a massage. I recommend this class for new moms who are interested in supporting their babies development."

"The Easy Baby program has been the most valuable class I have taken with my daughter.  It has provided me with the  knowedge and skills to maximize my baby's development and has made me a more confident and calm parent! This class has helped me and continues to help me make smart choices for my child. I highly recommend this class to anyone with a baby!"